Wearable devices and online casinos

With hover boards actually becoming a present day thing, we have a feeling the way we consume casino games is going to change in the not so distant future.

Wearable technology is already becoming an acceptable form of technology to be the next in line after smartphones and tablets. Since we’re quite fond of playing casino games on mobile devices, accessing them via our smartwatches and other VR devices seems more like a possibility in the near future.

Why has wearable technology become so popular?

Initially, the idea of wearable technology became popular due to wearable fitness devices aiding results, such as the Fitbit band which monitors heart rate and sleeping patterns, and with such success big brands such as Google and Apple saw the potential in wearable devices for consumers.

While statistics say only around one in five people have wearable devices, it’s expected to increase as the companies behind wearable devices tweak them to be more useable and as they become more affordable to mass consumers.

This is why we expect that it won’t be long until software providers start developing casino games for wearable devices, though how we access these games is dependant on the device. We take a look at some of the expected devices to one day take over the smartphone and tablet in terms of consumer popularity, and their potential impact on the iGaming industry.


Apple Watch wearable device for real money casino gamesSmartwatches are probably the next platform we are likely to see casino games released to be compatible with, as they are what all major tech companies are focusing on right now. Apple released their ‘Apple Watch’ in early 2015 and the design was well received, though the battery life definitely knocks a few points off. Regardless, it’s only the first generation smartwatch from Apple, so they will no doubt take the feedback and produce a better version.

There are apps available for the Apple Watch, including Slots Time, available to download from the App Store but it’s similar to all the apps available for iPhones and iPads in that you can’t play for real money.

Sony have also released some smartwatches over the years, though these releases weren’t as anticipated as the Apple Watch. However, the Sony’s smartwatches do have a compatible free play blackjack app available from the Google Play store.

Real money casino games on a smartwatch

Unfortunately, if Apple Watch is anything to go by – everything operates via Apps and it doesn’t have an in-built Web browser – we will never be able to play real money casino games on the Apple Watch, unless the legislation allowing real money casino apps is changed, or Apple includes Safari on their next generation of smartwatches.

Regardless, other smartwatches may offer the ability to access casinos via their ‘watch browser’ and here you will be able to play real money casino games similar to how you play them on your smartphone. We believe this will have both advantages and disadvantages to gameplay.

For example, if you were playing in your bed there would be no chance of dropping the device on your face, as there is when holding your iPhone or Samsung tablet up in the air, but on the other hand the screen size is smaller and the experience is therefore hindered.


We find smartglass technology quite debilitating in that they work by projecting images to your eyes and we feel if you are walking around with these on, you may run into something. But when it comes to their potential of a gaming device, that you use in the comfort of your own home, we are actually quite excited about this wearable tech.

Smartglasses involve mobile apps that are viewed by LCD projection implemented in a set of glasses users wear. Both big brand names, such as Google, as well as smaller companies have smartglasses available to buy and still in the works, including Google Glass and GlassUp.

Real money casino games on smartglasses

Google Glass have actually been banned from many US land-based casinos due to the fact they can help players cheat as the camera can record the tables. In terms of actually playing casino games on smartglasses, however, there are games that have been released, such as 6Beyond’s Google Glass Blackjack game, though players can only play in free play mode and is accessed again from Google Play, meaning legislation needs to be changed to allow real money casino apps.

GlassUp supports not only Android and IOS devices but Windows 8 devices too, which does increase the number of apps available, but they are all still free play apps. Overall, they are basically smartphones for your eyes since they rely on apps and as mentioned above legislation isn’t going to allow real money casino apps. Therefore, perhaps it’s better to take a look at a device which is specifically going to change the world of gaming forever.

Virtual Reality headsets

Virtual Reality headsets are an exciting prospect for the gaming industry because we can immerse ourselves into a virtual casino reality and play just by sitting on our lounge. Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook creator) purchased the Oculus Rift VR headset, which means it definitely has potential.

Oculus Rift - virtual reality casino gamingThe Oculus Rift is the most popular VR headset, with the creator raising funds on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website, only to have Facebook purchase it for $400 million. 
There are others of course, including Sony’s Project Morpheus, which is supported by the Playstation 4, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Hololens, and many more.

A head-mounted device which creates a virtual reality means immersive gaming is taken to a whole new level. Players can potentially navigate through a virtual casino and carry out actions themselves without tapping, sliding, scrolling, etc. Provided they don’t rely on apps from stores by Android, Apple, Windows, etc., then the potential of real money casino games accessed via virtual reality is great.

Virtual Reality real money casino games

Oculus Rift actually has a game created for it called RiftSino where players enter a virtual casino, walk around as they would in a land-based venue and play the slots, table games and more. However, while it’s animated and players can only play in free play mode, there is potential, especially since the Rift isn’t dependant on the application stores such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Rather, it has its own application store which hasn’t yet been subjected to legislation and since it isn’t a smartphone or tablet, there is a chance it may slide through the cracks and the potential for real money casino games is quite large. Additionally, the owners have openly said they will not control what software can run on the platform.

For other headsets, however, which do depend on these application stores, real money casino apps aren’t likely. However free play apps where we can get the hang of a VR headset are and they can be an interesting way to play casino games, albeit the chance of real winnings. Additionally, software developers may find other ways to access real money casino games via these devices.

The future of real money casino games

With mobile casinos only really beginning to grow now, it may be a long time before we see our favourite web casinos creating their games and site to be compatible with all of the aforementioned devices. Additionally, as previously mentioned, legislation may prevent real money apps being created for these devices.

However, just as software developers have found a loophole in terms of accessing real money casino games via our smartphones and tablets legally (via our mobile browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more), we are sure they will do the same for any new wearable device that takes off.

To take a look at the most advanced real money casino games currently out on the latest wearables, smartphone and tablet devices, we recommend Slots.lv as our top-rated casino site for players from United States, which has a great range of advanced casino games to choose from.

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