Are smartphones or tablets better for mobile gambling?

With the popularity of mobile gaming on the rise as casinos equip themselves with advanced mobile technology, punters are left to make the decision about which device to use to play their favourite casino games on the go. We take a look at the advantages of both smartphones and tablets in an attempt to decide which is the better gadget for mobile gaming.

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Advantages and drawbacks of tablet gaming

Popular tablets for mobile gambling include iPad, Google Nexus, LG, Windows Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony Xperia and other Android systems. These highly advanced mobile devices come with many features and benefits, but when it comes to mobile gaming the biggest advantage of using a tablet is the bigger screen and better image resolution.

Gambling on smartphones or tablet devicesPlaying casino games on a tablet ensures you enjoy games in full vibrancy, not missing out on any of the finer details provided by software developers. Images are brighter and symbols are bigger, which inarguably provides a better gaming experience than the small screen of a smartphone. The bigger screen also makes the one-tap touch screen of tablet gaming superior even to desktop play.

The drawback of using tablets is that even though they’re portable, the larger size makes them more difficult to carry around for gaming on the go. You can’t play as discreetly in public and you’ll most likely require a bag or backpack to carry your device.

Another disadvantage is that some tablets only come with Wi-Fi connectivity, so without 3G or 4G access you’re restricted to play in an area where you can secure a private or public Internet source. If you have a Wi-Fi-only tablet you may find mobile gaming quite inconvenient if you’re away from your secure home Internet connection.

Advantages and drawbacks of smartphone gaming

Smartphones have become part of everyday life for many people, with popular models like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, Windows Lumia, LG and HTC One providing easy, pocket-sized access to a range of real money mobile casinos. Where the tablet has failed for mobile gamblers, the smartphone has flourished, but the opposite is also true.

Mobile roulette for real money on iPhoneThe major advantage of playing on smartphones is that these devices have literally been designed with portability at the forefront. You never have to reach further than your pocket or purse to whip out your phone and play a few hands of blackjack when the desire arises, which is what true mobile gaming is all about.

Another advantage is that any smartphone device using an up-to-date operating system will allow Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connectivity, so you can get access to Internet casinos in more areas.

An additional and unsurprising advantage is that smartphones have better battery life than tablets, as it takes more power to juice up those bigger screens. A dependable battery is imperative when gaming on the go to ensure your device doesn’t cut out in the middle of a winning streak, so this is definitely a big tick for smartphones.

The drawback of playing casino games on a smartphone is that although none of the graphic quality is lost, smaller screens with lower pixel resolutions mean you don’t always get to enjoy the finer details of games in their full glory. This isn’t necessarily an issue, but it may be a deterrent for gaming enthusiasts who have come to expect the top-notch video quality of games at desktop casinos.

Is game quality the same on smartphones and tablets?

The mobile technology used by software developers is practically identical for smartphone and tablets, so the quality of mobile slots and casino games is the same whichever medium you choose to play on. The games and services offered at mobile casinos are exactly the same for both devices, so you don’t need to worry that you’re missing out on anything by choosing to play on one and not the other.

The verdict

With advantages and drawbacks for both devices, whether you use a smartphone or a tablet to enjoy mobile gaming will ultimately come down to personal preference. If you only own a smartphone, it’s not necessary to purchase an additional tablet purely for gaming (and vice versa) unless there’s a feature that really appeals to you.

For example, those with bad eyesight may benefit from the bigger screen of a tablet, while those who are mostly playing mobile games when in transit will probably benefit from the portable convenience of a smartphone.

To see for yourself which method you prefer, tap on our links using your phone or tablet in the casino table at the top of this page to experience the best mobile casinos.

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