Playboy Bunny live dealer casinos

The idea of playing your favourite casino game alongside a gorgeous Playboy Bunny is a fantasy many males (and/or females) only dream about. But dream no longer, friends, as this ultimate fantasy has been a reality for some time now, and you don’t even need to put your shoes on to enjoy it.

United States Best casino sites with Playboy Bunny live dealer

Best casino sites with Playboy Bunny live dealer

Those talented experts over at Microgaming have teamed up with Playboy to bring the world’s sexiest live dealer casino games to your computers and Smart TVs – a move which has delighted many, and infuriated plenty of wives and girlfriends. These high-definition, real-life games use trained and licensed croupiers dressed as Playboy girls, streamed live in real time to our screens, hosted by the most trusted Microgaming sites.

Best Microgaming Playboy Live casinos

Play Playboy Bunny online live dealerThere’s no need to blow your savings on a trip to Vegas to enjoy the hottest real money casino games. Simply log in, kick back with a drink from the comfort of your own home and let the beautiful women do the work. These dealers are all genuinely attractive and it’s a pleasure to watch them deal those cards and spin that wheel. And who knows, you just may win some serious cash while you’re at it.

Playboy Live games are only available at leading Microgaming casinos. We recommend Royal Vegas Casino or Jackpot City Casino – two of the most trusted live dealer casino sites on the World Wide Web.

The Microgaming/Playboy partnership is a match made in heaven and there couldn’t have been a gaming provider more suitable to entrust the Playboy brand with. These indulgent games combine the ambience of gambling in a real land-based casino with the security of watching every move unfold before your eyes, and the added bonus of watching gorgeous croupiers taking charge of each game.

While online live dealer casino games have been in existence for some time now, it’s the addition of bunny-clad Playboy dealers which really turned the live casino gaming industry on its head. Players can now enjoy an authentic gambling experience using real money wagers while interacting with Playboy dealers in real time.

Playboy Bunny live dealer games

Royal Vegas Playboy Live casino lobbySo far the live dealer Playboy game catalogue features three casino favourites: blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Given the unsurprising rise in popularity of Microgaming’s sexy live dealer games, we reckon players can expect more titles to be added to this list in the near future.

Playboy Live Blackjack
If you like playing real money 21 online, you’ll love the Playboy Bunny blackjack tables. Besides being much more eye-catching than your standard game at a land-based gaming venue, they are also better value than most. We calculate the house edge at 0.51 per cent, which is lower than the average fare most land based casinos. A $25-$500 bet limit is well suited to experienced blackjack players, while the bet behind feature means you don’t need to wait for a seat to join in the action.

Playboy Live Roulette
Do you want gorgeous young women decked out in stunning evening wear spinning your roulette wheel? Do you want this to happen without even having to leave your house or speak to anyone, while wearing your oldest and most haggard pyjamas? Yeah, we thought so! The Playboy live dealer roulette tables provide the option for single-player or multi-player games, using Microgaming’s finger-on-the-pulse technology to deliver graphics streamed via high-tech HD cameras. All tables use a single-zero wheel, which are becoming harder to find at brick-and-mortar casinos, while broad betting limits ($4-$4000 per spin) and an extensive selection of call bets make for a complete online roulette game.

Playboy Live Baccarat
This beautiful baccarat interface offers more benefits than simply dealing with gorgeous croupiers. Live Playboy Baccarat games also include side betting and multi-table play options, in real high-def video streaming so clear it’s the next best thing to being there. The settings are so reminiscent of a brick and mortar casino, you will have to constantly remind yourself you are not in a prestigious high-roller venue but actually at home in your slippers. If a table is full, never fear; as soon as a baccarat table fills up a new one is automatically generated, so you never have to sit around twiddling your thumbs.

Play live dealer Playboy games online

While Playboy croupiers may not be for everyone, this is the kind of online gaming format which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Microgaming pulled this one off in signature style, meaning it’s done tastefully, elegantly and with class. The Playboy name evokes images of naked women, Hugh Hefner and wild sex parties, but concerned partners can rest assured that these live dealer tables are nothing more or less than fabulous online casino games jazzed up with some nice eye candy. Whether you’re a Playboy fan or not, these games are ultra-impressive and we challenge any online gambler to give them a go and argue otherwise.

Play live baccarat, blackjack and roulette games with sexy Playboy dealers at our top-ranked Microgaming site for online players – Royal Vegas Casino and claim up to $1200 in matched deposit houses when you sign up to play for real money.