How to play live dealer on my smart TV

Most new high-end television sets purchased from 2015 onwards come with the ability to browse the Internet, adding yet another device that’s capable of accessing your favourite online casino. But is it a good idea to play live dealer casino games on your Smart TV? Here, we look at the reasons why this may sound better than it actually is.

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What is Smart TV?

Smart TV, otherwise referred to as Hybrid TV or Connected TV, provides all the standard features of regular television but with the ability to access Internet TV, interactive media, over-the-top content, social media and on-demand streaming of live content. Just like today’s smartphones and tablet devices, Smart TVs come complete with an app store where users can download software or applications direct to the device. Many engineers and gadget enthusiasts have dubbed Smart TV the future of television.

The problems with Smart TV

Play Live Dealer casino games on Smart TVAlthough patents have been in the works since 1994, Smart TV technology is still evolving and there are many kinks that need to be ironed out. Firstly there is the question of security. Evidence suggests that Smart TV systems are more vulnerable to attacks and there have been many reports of malicious software being installed from remote locations. As the popularity of Smart TV grows, so does the user protection, with many antivirus companies now coming up with specific malware protection. It is suggested that the risks of infection are low, but users are advised to avoid using Smart TVs for anything that requires entering personal or financial details. That puts a red flag up on using your Smart TV for real money live dealer gambling.

The second biggest problem faced by online casino users is that Internet connectivity on Smart TVs is notoriously slow. In this day and age, where users have come to expect lightning fast uploads and video streaming, Smart TVs can be frustratingly sluggish when using the Internet functions.

Then there’s the added downside that, unlike computer and mobile software that can be updated whenever upgrades becomes available, Smart TV systems don’t receive updates, effectively becoming “dumber” over time. Consumers also have to be very smart about the television system they purchase, as the different Web capabilities between models and manufacturers can be enormous. It is highly recommended that customers research between the Smart TV models available from LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, etc. to ensure the device offers the specific service wanted.

What is Live Dealer gaming?

The term ‘live dealer’ refers to real money casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, keno and lotto that are hosted by actual human dealers but streamed via the Internet. The games are played from a land-based gambling venue that’s set up to recreate the genuine ambience of a bricks and mortar casino, with attractively presented croupiers leading the games.

Just as you would when playing at any online casino, you simply need to log in to your casino account, head to your live dealer game of choice and place a real money wager to start playing. The croupier will then begin to deal cards and spin wheels as per any land-based casino. The latest in HD video technology is used to stream the game in real time direct to your computer or mobile device, so you can watch the results unfold before your eyes.

There is even the option to chat with other players, making live dealer gaming the perfect choice for punters who like to maintain the social elements of gambling in a real casino atmosphere while enjoying the convenience of playing from home.

Should I play live dealer casino games on my Smart TV?

Whether or not you use your Smart TV to play live dealer games is completely up to you. If you already have your TV properly connected with the Internet then there’s no harm in firing up your favourite live dealer roulette or blackjack game and seeing for yourself whether this play format will work for you. Not all Smart TVs are created equally, so whether or not you can even access live dealer gaming on your specific system will need to be determined. Head to the Web browser in your TV and go to one of our recommended live dealer casinos listed in the table at the top of this page (geo-targeted to your location so it only lists sites accepting players from your country) to try it out.

If you’re dead set on wanting to utilise your TV for live dealer casino gaming, we recommend connecting your laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone direct to your television using a HDMI cable or whatever connection you have at your disposal. This means the live dealer game is still working from your Internet device, but broadcast on the big screen of your TV. The connection will be much faster, yet you get to enjoy the full high-def images and crystal clear video streaming in all the glory of a huge LCD display.

For more information, read our guide to setting up your own live dealer casino in your lounge room. If you’re curious, check out what it’s like for a live dealer on the job, which documents the personal experiences of one of our writers.

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