Is being a casino dealer a good job?

Is being a croupier a good job? You bet your left nut it is. It is also the most bizarre job you will ever have too.

There are certain professions out there in the big bad world that seem to attract the down and outers, the degenerates, the depraved, the psychotic and the plain weird that society has to offer.

These people usually find themselves slinging cards, spinning wheels, flicking balls or collecting dice on the main floor of a casino. As a dealer, you must be prepared to spend your nights surrounded by a cavalcade of demented drunks, bright flashing lights, strange music and even stranger company.

I am all of the above and survived five turbulent years as a dealer. Here are some tips and points to bare in mind if you are seriously thinking of joining the ranks of casino dealers.

Do I need to be good at maths?

If you’re not a mathematical genius, don’t fret – you don’t have to be. If you have the faculties to be able to count to 21, for the most part, you are set. Blackjack requires nothing more of you than to count to 21. Any total beyond 21 isn’t even a number, it’s simply “too many!”

Is being a casino dealer a good job?Sure, craps and roulette have some pretty far out and intricate odds, and matched with punters that like to throw everything in and things can get pretty tricky, especially if you run out of fingers and toes to add up a total win. If you get lost or simply can’t calculate a payout, all you have to do is call out “Floor Manager!”

When the Floor Manager appears, it’s easy to double-check what the payouts should be – that’s what they’re there for, to assist. They’re the casino dealer’s best friend on the job.

Are you comfortable around all manner of bodily fluids?

This may seem like a funny question at first but make no mistake about it, as a dealer you will be exposed to some of the most repulsive acts ever perpetrated on a living being.

Ever hear the story of former Rugby League player Julian O’Neil allegedly urinating under a bBlackjack table? Ever wondered why there aren’t any pot plants on the main gaming floor of most major casinos? Ever wondered why the majority of seats at a gaming table are made of easy to wash and rinse vinyl instead of an absorbent fabric? Have you ever stared a drunk in the eye the second they projectile vomit on your table?

If you become a dealer you will learn – sometimes first hand – the dark answers to some of those seemingly innocent questions.

Will I make loads of money from tips?

This completely depends on the country you’re playing in, as different laws dictate whether it is legal to tip a dealer. The tipping of dealers in Australian casino’s is illegal, which is a real kick in the pants.

I was first duped into the industry by the 1995 Martin Scorsese film, Casino. I saw how everyone in that movie seemed to throw ludicrous tips at the dealers who would quickly pocket those tips and continue on. I was heartbroken when during the first day of blackjack training I was informed all tipping in of croupiers is illegal in Australia. It was then that I also began to question my chances of sleeping with Sharon Stone, too.

You could, however, always hope that a whale of a punter comes in and offers you a tip so exorbitant – like $100,000 or so – that you call over your Floor Manager and quit on the spot before accepting the tip.

Is it hard being a casino dealer?

Imagine being paid to literally play games and gamble all day long. Generally, you can even expect a ten or fifteen minute break every hour or so. Uniforms are mostly supplied and washed daily for you. If you manage to work the day shift, if there is no one at your table you don’t have to do anything. You can just stand there and watch whatever is on the nearest television.

Being a casino dealerSure, pushing out ten stacks of chips across a roulette table can be a little tricky, but it definitely isn’t hard to do. The most you have to lift at any given time is a card, roulette ball, dice or chips: so you’re not in danger of any real physical over-exertion.

Being a dealer is more fun than difficult. Especially if you get some good company; not every punter are the quiet stoic types who bet everything they have and walk away, or the drunken problem gambler. There are many friendly, interesting and hilarious types who wonder in the casino late at night to have a fun chat with while dealing their games.

Are there downsides to being a dealer?

Yes. You will more than likely end up doing the night shift as a new dealer. This will have you finishing work in the wee hours of the morning, essentially isolating you from the rest of normal society. Just as the rest of the world is waking up, you will be cuddling up and going to sleep… or drinking and playing poker with other dealers.

So next time you see an advertisement for a casino dealer, send off a resume. It will be the easiest, most interesting jobs you will have ever done.

What about live dealers at online casinos?

Being a casino dealer is no longer limited to land-based casino venues in the modern era. With the rise of real money online casinos, live dealer games have become a standard, and so the role of casino dealer has expanded.

For those unfamiliar with the medium, it is a selection of table games like blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette run by real croupiers with real equipment. This is all streamed live via high-definition video feeds directly to desktop computers or mobile screens, where real money punters can wager like at a live table.

If you’re interested in playing at live dealer casinos or want to know more about what it entails, visit our live dealer page for more information.

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