Microgaming VR

Virtual Reality real money gaming is becoming a real possibility and pioneering this exciting prospect is top leading software developer, Microgaming.

While the Oculus Rift is set to be released in the first quarter of 2016, the software company has realised the potential impact of VR devices in the iGaming industry and have gotten a head start. We take a look at what Microgaming have come up with, and where they could be headed with VR gaming, which will ultimately change the iGaming industry forever.

What is virtual reality gaming?

VR gaming works via a wearable device, such as the Oculus Rift – a crowdfunded headset that sees players wearing the device on their head while two displays are streamed to their retinas to create an immersive experience. There have been similar devices already released, with Google Glass the most popular, but overall the Rift has garnered the most attention.

Slots Million, one of our favourite casinos have even created their own virtual reality casino only accessible by using the Rift.

So what’s Microgaming’s take on the whole realm of VR gaming?

Microgaming virtual reality casinos

In early 2015, Microgaming gave attendees of the ICE in London a snippet view into where they predicted the i-Gaming industry was headed.

Microgaming virtual reality real money casinosThe technicians showed how wearable technology, specifically Google Glass, could impact the gambling industry and even named it ‘Glass Betting’. They also detailed how slot machines and live dealer titles had the potential to be developed into real money VR games perfect for the Glass, or ultimately the rift.

In their example, they showed just how VR casinos would work – a player sits at a VR roulette table and sees their own hand reach out and place a bet, just as we would at a land-based venue, while the croupier – a robot – would call the bets and determine the results. It is an incredible development from Microgaming, and something we thought would only ever happen in movies.

Since this demonstration, we have actually seen Microgaming come out with VR apps, designed for Google Cardboard. Unfortunately, they are not for real money just yet but the potential is definitely there.

For example, you can currently play a Microgaming VR app on Google Cardboard which sees an immersive slot machine that features The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, you can’t play this for real money. Whether or not Microgaming will be able to create real money apps for VR devices, will ultimately determine their future

What does this mean for Microgaming?

For Microgaming to already have a free play VR app, it means they are already ahead of the game. This may be subjective, but as of late we have noticed Microgaming slipping a bit in terms of being the number one software provider, with Net Entertainment slowly taking over first place.

If they manage to pull off real money Virtual Reality gaming apps and make them available at a Microgaming powered Virtual Reality casino, they will definitely take first place and leave NetEnt miles behind.

Benefits of virtual reality gaming

If Microgaming do manage to create real money VR versions of their titles, in the same way they have for smartphones and tablets, then a total new and unique way of how we game will emerge.

While live dealer titles have attempted to close the gap of online gaming and the lack of social ambience associated with it, they haven’t completely succeeded in doing so.

Not only will a social environment be created if VR real money gaming is created, but it will pave the way for online gaming to have that edge against land-based venues, which is what the industry needs.

Potential drawbacks of Virtual Reality gaming

The problem with where Microgaming have headed is that they have developed apps to be downloaded specifically from an app store. This will ultimately remain a free play application due to legislation preventing real money apps being sold by the popular app stores, such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Interestingly, Oculus Rift plans on bringing out its own app store, and while the apps will need to be pre-approved there may be the potential to offer real money apps here – though this will depend on the legislation imposed on the Oculus store.

However, if Microgaming develop VR casino software then they may just find the loophole needed and offer real money VR titles here.

Regardless of these potential drawbacks, if Microgaming manages to create a VR casino filled with games as thick as their mobile casino catalogue – that makes players feel as though they are entering a real life casino – this bridge between online gaming and land-based casinos will close and ultimately change the way we play games forever.

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