Good luck gambling omens

Most of us are all too familiar with those bad luck superstitions that have been around for centuries, with omens like walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, opening an umbrella inside or a black cat crossing your path all believed to forecast a warning to the unlucky recipient. But what about good luck omens? Check out our list to open your eyes to these omens of good fortune that just may have you racing online to try your luck at a virtual casino.

Bird droppings landing on your head

Gambling omens - bird droppings on the head
She’s not too happy…
A classic example of how an inherent misfortune has been twisted to reveal a bright upside, it’s been said that bird droppings landing on your head is a sign of upcoming good luck as major wealth is sent down your way from the heavens. The belief stems from the fact that if you have to deal with this gross, messy inconvenience, you’ll be rewarded with good luck in return.

Birds in general are known to be a sign of good fortune as these creatures are claimed to be powerful guardians. Another good luck omen associated with birds is that if a bird starts making a nest near or in your house it’s supposed to signify impending fortune.

Table etiquette for good luck

When playing a table game like roulette, blackjack or poker there are some old casino myths that state certain table etiquette equates to bad luck. To ensure that good luck is on your side, avoid these bad gambling manners at all costs: never count your money at the table as it’s considered crude and unlucky, never cross your legs while gambling or it will cross out your good luck, never mention books about gambling and never touch shoulders. Those last two stem from old Chinese beliefs. The word ‘book’ in Chinese sounds similar to the word for ‘lose’ so must remain unsaid, while touching someone on the shoulders is considered plainly rude and will unleash bad luck your way.

Pregnant women as good luck charms

Pregnant women lucky ambling omen
Pregnant wife, lucky life.
Another fascinating belief stemming from the Chinese, it’s believed to be very bad luck to gamble against a pregnant woman. This is because a pregnant woman herself is deemed to be a sign of good fortune, carrying her good luck inside her belly with the foetus providing a second set of eyes.

While playing against a pregnant woman is to be avoided at all costs, it’s considered good luck to have a pregnant woman by your side when gambling so that you can benefit from the good fortune she will bring your way.

Itchy or tingling hands

Experiencing an itching or tingling sensation on the palm of your hands is said to be a sign that you’re about to come into or depart with a good sum of money. If the itching or tingling happens in your left hand, this is a sign that money is coming your way, however if the sensation occurs in your left hand be warned that this is a sign that you’ll be losing money. Next time you have an itchy left hand, head to one of our recommended casinos to ride it out and see if you land a winning streak.

Have a beautiful woman blow on your dice

Lady luck gambling omens
A little lady luck never hurt nobody.
It’s an old Vegas omen that if a beautiful women walks past your table while playing a dice game like roulette, you should ask her to blown on the dice for good luck. If you want to the full extreme, you may ask the beautiful woman to roll the dice on your behalf. It’s said that this is where the term ‘Lady Luck’ originated from.

We’re not entirely sure how this good luck omen could translate for online play, as having an attractive woman blow on your computer screen or mouse doesn’t quite have the same vibe.

The hunchback of good luck

One of the stranger good luck gambling omens is that if you’re on your way to the casino and you see a hunchback, this is a sign that great fortune is about to come your way. This omen stems from 19th and 20th Century Italy, where gamblers believed that touching a hunchback would bring good luck. In a bizarre twist to the tale, if you’re on your way to the casino and you are a hunchback yourself, this is said to be bad luck, which is a ridiculous superstition that basically means if you have a hunchback you’re destined for misfortune.

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