A gambling holiday itinerary

Just like avid golfers travel the world in search of that idyllic golf course and foodies venture to foreign lands to tantalise their tastebuds, passionate gamblers love to head abroad for their next exciting casino experience. If you’re planning a gambling holiday, take a look at some of these hot tips from gamblers who have chased their good luck across the seas.

World’s best casino holiday destinations

Las Vegas holiday casino destinationConsidering a gambling holiday but not sure where to go? The best casinos in the world are in some unlikely places and can provide a great excuse to visit a country you might otherwise have overlooked. The best gambling holiday destinations not only house world-class casinos, but come with all the other drawcards you’d expect from an overseas holiday like renowned resorts, great shopping, fantastic dining options and sight-seeing galore.

Head to any of these destinations with gambling in mind and you certainly won’t be disappointed:

What to pack on a gambling holidays

When packing for a gambling holiday, naturally you’ll need the usual suspects (toothbrush, passport, camera, etc.) but unlike a beachside vacation or city escape, there are a couple of extra things to keep in mind. Consider these hot tips from frequent gambling travellers:

Gambling holiday itinerary tips

  • When packing clothes be mindful that the casino landscape can vary dramatically in places like Las Vegas, where it might be acceptable to gamble in one venue in very casual attire, but a casino down the strip might enforce a strict dress code. Pack a good blend of clothes that can merge from day to night with some dressier outfits for special evenings or high roller events.
  • Don’t forget your good luck charm! Some punters are highly dependable on having their lucky charm on them every time they gamble for real money, so whether that be your lucky red pair of underwear, the first ever roulette chip you won, your lucky Rolex or your lucky deck of cards, it won’t be very lucky if you leave it on your dresser at home.
  • Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but the world’s premium gambling destinations all seem to be located in some of the hottest climates, so make sure you’re prepared for the desert heat of Nevada or the high humidity of Macau with bathers, sunscreen, hats and summer clothes.
  • The most important thing you can bring on your holiday is a good attitude. If you set out on your trip with the hope that you’re going to return a millionaire you will be bitterly disappointed if you return in the red. The best thing is to have no expectations and to just enjoy every moment of your holiday no matter the outcome of the hands you’re dealt.

Features of a great gambling holiday itinerary

In our opinion, a good gambling holiday itinerary is all about balance. Sure, the casino is the real drawcard, but you don’t want to burn yourself out or go through your bankroll before the first day is through.

With some international casinos providing free drinks for active punters, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of late nights and hangovers, which can really add up when combined with jetlag. A good itinerary should feature a nice balance of gambling, sightseeing, rest and recreation while enjoying the unique offerings of the country you’re in. We suggest the following as a daily guide:

  • Mornings
    Enjoy a relaxing sleep in, after all that’s what holidays are for! Plus it’s always nice to take advantage of the lovely features of your hotel. After breakfast, venture to the casino for a leisurely hour or two playing your favourite game at a nice recreational pace. The casinos are usually pretty quiet at this time and it can be a good chance to hone your skills and get to know the casino layout.
  • Afternoons
    The afternoons are best spent being a tourist. Go shopping, roam the streets, take a tour or do something crazy that you’d never do at home like bungee jumping or scuba diving. When you return, kick back by the hotel pool or take a nap to rejuvenate yourself for the night ahead.
  • Evenings
    A good night on any gambling holiday should always start with a fabulous meal. Casino destinations have some of the greatest dining options in the world, not only providing a culinary experience but also giving you sustenance to make the most of your evening. After dinner, head to the casino and enjoy your favourite table game over a couple of your favourite drinks. If you’re a party animal you may want to hit up the nightclubs, while theatre-goers can take a break to enjoy any of the world-class theatre, music, dance or comedy performances hosted by casinos.

Casino employees are very helpful and will be more than happy to assist you with booking day tours, theatre performances, activities and dinner reservations, so use their help to make the most of your holiday. Following a balanced itinerary will make sure you return home refreshed, rejuvenated and with some amazing memories to share.