What celebrities are good matches to promote online casinos

The best online casino collaboration with celebrities we have seen is Dan Bilzerian and Verne Troyer working with BGO Casino. They made a short film together to showcase what BGO Casino has to offer, which is that BGO Casino is opulent and you have the chance to make some serious money.

The ad also shows how BGO Casino is like Dan Bilzerian in many ways, gutsy and exciting. Dan Bilzerian and BGO Casino is an excellent partnership, but it’s one of the only celeb and virtual casino collaborations we’ve seen.

If we could pick a celeb for all our favourite Web casinos these are the choices we would make, because we think these celebs personify the character of each of these virtual casinos.

Thrills Casino & Chuck Norris

Chuck NorrisChuck Norris is an American martial artist and an actor in some of the most well-known cult film of all time. He would be the perfect fit for Thrills Casino because he is an exciting mix of many different things, which is very similar to this award-winning casino.

While many online casinos are powered by a single gaming software developer, Thrills Casino sources its casino games from a mix of different gaming providers.

The result of being so diverse is that Chuck Norris is a captivating actor who can perform his own stunts while Thrills Casino also takes advantage of its ability to be diverse to deliver a thrilling gaming experience for players. There are no limitations to what either can do, which would make Chuck Norris and Thrills Casino an unstoppable pairing.

Royal Vegas Casino & James Bond

We’re not sure which James Bond Royal Vegas Casino would best be suited to, but we think the overall character of James Bond embodies Royal Vegas Casino pretty perfectly. Like Royal Vegas Casino, James Bond’s life has glamour, extravagance and an enticing element of risk.

Many of the games at Royal Vegas Casino create an authentic casino experience; Royal Vegas Casino is a classic — just like James Bond. If Royal Vegas Casino was a person they would be classy, timeless, dangerous and exciting to be around, which is pretty much what characterises James Bond.

Royal Vegas, like Bond, has longevity having been on the web for over 10 years, while the Bond films have been running for 50 odds years.

Kanye West could also make a good runner up thanks to his “baller” status if Royal Vegas wanted to appeal to a younger audience.

G’Day Casino & Paul Hogan

We think this is quite an obvious collaboration. Paul Hogan is quintessentially Australian and so is G’Day Casino. Picture Hogan in Crocodile Dundee and then browse the homepage of G’day Casino for a few minutes — you will see why we have draw the conclusion he should front the marketing for this casino. You can just him in that hideous cork screw hat, can’t you?

While Hogan found himself in hot water over his finances a few years back, G’day Casino does not have this problem with generous rewards and offers for all players.

Guts Casino & Bruce Willis

Just like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Guts Casino goes in hard with all guns blazing. Guts Casino has an exhilarating and unique collection of casino games. With leading internet casino gun slinger Ben Clemes in charge, Guts is one of the cutting-edge new casinos making a mark in the iGaming industry.

Guts Casino uses a range of different gaming software developers including some smaller, more boutique gaming developers that have a fresh take on creating casino games. Like Bruce Willis, Guts Casino is willing to take risks but they pay off. You won’t find a gaming library this special anywhere else.

7Sultans Casino & The Genie

If 7Sultans Casino had a mascot it would definitely by Disney’s genie character. Several of their promotions have featured a character looking similar to this character and the casino’s website takes in that middle-eastern theme.

7 Sultans Casino is exotic and extravagant, it has over 500 slots titles where you have the chance to win thousands or even millions in some of its progressive jackpot pokies games.

The overall theme of 7 Sultans gives you the feeling your dreams might be about to come true, just like when you run into a genie.

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