Best books to learn casino games

Walking out of a casino a winner seems to happen to some people more. These people all have one thing in common — they know what they are doing when they are gambling. They know proper strategy and how to minimise the house edge.
A good way to take your game to the next level is by reading books about various games, they can teach you the rules, strategy and what games have the best odds for players.

While you can still find plenty of gambling books in print for, Amazon and other online digital merchants sell many of them for devices like Kindle’s and ebooks.

Easy casino gambling: Winning strategies for the beginner

Easy casino gamblingYou can buy this book as an ebook for $12.99 or access preview snippets on Google Books. If you are still a softy for the print version you can even order it from Amazon. Authored by Gayle Mitchell, this book includes basic gambling information for any level of gambler and informs beginners of the casino lingo as well as how to place bets correctly. For the more experienced player it is a great reference for discussions on winning strategies. It also exists as a guide for what the top 10 worst bets are, as well as how competitions, such as tournaments work, how to play online, and how the security works at land-based venues.

There is also a section for International land-based venues. These include casinos from the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Along with the listings there are contact details, such as telephone numbers and website addresses, as well as a list of all the games on offer at these venues and the dress codes in place in order to enter the venue.

Gambling 102: The best strategies for all casino games

Gambling booksThere is no downloadable e-book or preview on Google books available for this book, but it can be purchased from Amazon for your Kindle for $5.15 or in print form for $12.91. This book is written by Michael Shackleford and Mike Shackleford and is ideal for the experienced gambler as it details information on how to play games at an advanced level.

So while it isn’t great for players who want to learn how to play casino games, it is great for those who want to keep furthering their casino career. Featuring information on the best ways to strategise in games as well as the easiest way to play games such as baccarat, Sic Bo, video poker and more. Basically this book requires the pre-requisite that you know how to play all the common casino games, but you want to learn more. it contains a lot of information on odds and payouts too which can be a helpful resource.

Beating the casinos at their own game

Beating casinos at their own gameOnly available in paperback form for around $15, this book is a standard, but useful, gambling guide on all of the casino games you can think of. Written by Peter Svoboda, it provides insightful help on the games including both instructions as well as tactics for games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, baccarat, slots, keno, Wheel of Fortune, and more.

The paperback book is in full colour and offers advice on how to play smartly after going into depth about the the specific game in order to increase your chances of winning. This guide indicates which game has the best odds, how to bet correctly, and how to avoid making bets known as ‘sucker bets’. Additionally, it gives helpful tips on money management which is something all gamblers should follow regardless of their level of experience.

Learn how to play Internet casino games

Learn how to play internet casino gamesReleased in early 2015, offering the most recent advice of all the listed books, this one is written by Sandy Charles and is available as a free e-book from Google books which you can read via your browser or download it to have on your desktop. This book is great for both new players to the realm of gambling as well as gamblers who have played at land-based casinos but never online.

This is a great basic guide for players to learn how to play casino games online, along with how to find reputable online casinos. We recommend checking our suggested Internet gaming establishments out but this guide can validate any questions you may have and additionally help out locating how to find reputable Internet casinos for yourself.

Secrets of the new casino games

Secrets of the new casino gamesSince there are constantly new titles being released, it can be hard to keep up. This book is written by Marten Jensen and details a few fairly recent new casino titles, or games which haven’t been around as long as the classics have, which some players may not have learnt before.

The book is available in full free view on Google Books. The games include Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Spanish 21, Red Dog, Sic Bo, Casino War, and Three Card Poker. This a helpful guide for those who may have dabbled in blackjack and roulette, but want to broaden their casino repertoire.

These five books are only a select few from a broad range of great resources so if you like to read and inform ourself before playing as you learn better this way, you will find plenty of e-books and Google books available online that are game specific too. Regardless if you want to read or not, it is always important you know the rules of the game before you play with real money to avoid making any silly, and costly, mistakes.

If books aren’t really your think, we have detailed information across our site about how to play all kinds of different casino games and tips to increase your chance of winning. We recommend some of these articles below for a starting point: is your no.1 stop for online wagering. Read more about practicing real money games here, or read about the best real money sites on offer

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