Vietnamese eligible to enter local casinos from December 1

Vietnam locals allowed in casinos

Vietnamese locals will be able to gamble at casinos from December 1, after the government issued a decree clarifying the rules.

Although the government announced at the start of the year that locals would be allowed to gamble at casinos in the country for a set trial period, citizens haven’t been able to do so due to the lack of a regulatory framework.

This week the Ministry of Finance issued a circular stating that citizens can enter a land-based casino provided they can prove they earn a minimum income of VND10 million per month or more and are over the age of 21. Since the average monthly salary is VND3.2 million, not every Vietnamese local will be able to gamble on the slots, or try their luck on the roulette wheel. sign up welcome bonus redeem

The circular also states that casinos must issue electronic cards or establish open books to record and track those entering the casino, along with other responsible gambling requirements. The records must be archived for a minimum of two years to allow the government to monitor the changes.

It was initially thought that the three-year Vietnamese casino pilot program, initiated by Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s government, would commence in March of this year, with the same rules detailed above.

However, the failure to address the changes in legislation, including the requirement that Vietnamese casino players provide documents proving that their income is taxable at level 3 or higher within one year before playing at a casino, has meant Vietnamese locals still haven’t set foot in a casino in the country.

The Government writ did not state which of the seven casinos in Vietnam locals would be able to enter, with tourists enjoying free rein of the casino’s slots and table games up until now.

The government will review the program in 2020 to decide whether or not the new laws should be made permanent.

The Finance Ministry also revealed his government is considering authorising a five-year trial on sports betting. The pilot program will allow Vietnamese locals to bet on international football matches, horse racing and greyhounds.

Punters will only be able to wager VND1 million or less a day, which will take effect on December 1.

However, those who want a regulated sports betting industry have said the capped limit is too low, and Vietnamese punters will continue to bet at offshore betting sites.

Additionally, they have argued that there’s no regulatory framework surrounding online betting, which will mean state-approved betting operators may not stand a chance in such a competitive market.

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