All Aces video poker

When played with proper strategy, All Aces Poker gives a higher theoretical return than any other game in the Microgaming casino catalogue. Read on to learn the optimal plays for All Aces online poker and find out which real money casino sites offer this high-value, low-edge variant on PC, Mac and mobile.

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What is All Aces Poker?

All Aces is an obscure variant of Jacks or Better video poker that features some significant deviations from the standard 9/6 full pay chart. Certain fours of a kind pay much more than usual – especially four Aces, hence the name – while payouts for many other hands are reduced. It is similar to Double Double Bonus Poker, which also features inflated returns on the four of a kind hands, although there are a few key differences that greatly improve a perfect strategy player’s odds of winning.

The run of play in All Aces online video poker is much the same as any other popular VP variant. For more information on betting options, drawing rules and how to play via the web, see our complete video poker guide.

All Aces payout chart

The first thing you will notice about the All Aces Poker pay chart is that it splits fours of a kind into three categories: Aces, which pay 400 for 1; Deuces, Threes and Fours, which pay 100 for 1; and all the rest, which pay 50 for 1. It also offers a 60-coin return on the straight flush – 10 more than the equivalent in most Jacks or Better poker games.

The downside is a number of reduced payouts for more common hands. A full house returns only seven coins, rather than the standard nine; a flush pays five coins instead of six; and two pairs get you half the usual two-coin payout. The royal flush jackpot of 800 coins remains, however, so remember to always play the maximum five coins per hand for the best possible odds.

All Aces video poker pay chart

Return odds and house edge

All Aces is something of an anomaly among real money video poker games. Most variants that feature big boosts on high-ranking hands don’t offer as much long-term value for money as Jacks or Better or full pay Deuces Wild and Joker Poker games, but this one manages to combine the wide payout variance of popular bonus poker titles with an almost negligible house edge.

Let’s take a look at the numbers behind the pay chart:

Hand Probability Return
Royal flush 0.000026 0.020454
Straight flush 0.000103 0.006201
Four Aces 0.000237 0.094990
Four 2s-4s 0.000542 0.054186
Four 5s-Ks 0.001631 0.081540
Full house 0.010563 0.073940
Flush 0.010876 0.054379
Straight 0.012668 0.050673
Three of a kind 0.075713 0.227139
Two pair 0.123313 0.123313
Jacks or better 0.212379 0.212379
No win 0.551949 0.000000
Total 1.000000 0.999195

Perhaps the most important thing here is that while most other bonus video poker games require at least Kings, a two pair, or even a three of a kind, the entry-level hand in All Aces is a pair of Jacks. That means that while the probability of winning anything at all might be slightly lower than in 9/6 Jacks or Better, the bigger payouts for the fours of a kind and the straight flush increase the player’s expected returns in the long run.

The figure in the lower right-hand cell (0.999195) equates to a theoretical payback of 99.92 per cent, or a house edge of 0.08 per cent. That’s as close to an even chance of winning as you will find on any real money casino game at a licensed online casino.

All Aces video poker strategy

Due to the greater number of paying hands and thus the wider range of potential outcomes, All Aces strategy features more moves than the basic play charts for games like Jacks or Better. There are a few counterintuitive plays designed to take maximum advantage of the highest payouts, but it is far from the most complex video poker strategy out there and should be fairly easy to follow once you familiarise yourself with its quirks.

When applied perfectly, this strategy keeps the casino advantage to the minimum 0.08 per cent. The method is simple: check your hand against the options listed below and play the highest-ranked move available.

  1. Royal flush, four of a kind, or straight flush
  2. Four cards to a royal flush
  3. Three of a kind in Aces-Fours
  4. Full house
  5. Three of a kind in Fives-Kings
  6. Flush or straight
  7. Four cards to a straight flush (no gap)
  8. Pair of Aces
  9. Any four cards to a straight flush
  10. Two pairs
  11. Suited 10-J-Q or J-Q-K
  12. Pair of Jacks, Queens, or Kings
  13. Any three cards to a royal flush
  14. Four cards to a flush
  15. Pair of Deuces, Threes, or Fours
  16. Unsuited 8-9-10-J, 9-10-J-Q, or 10-J-Q-K
  17. Pair of 10s or lower
  18. Four cards to a straight (no gap)
  19. Three cards to a straight flush (no gap, or one gap + high card)
  20. Three cards to a straight flush (two high cards)
  21. Any two suited high cards
  22. Four cards to a straight (three high cards)
  23. Ace high
  24. Unsuited J-Q-K
  25. Three cards to a straight flush (one gap, or two gaps + high card)
  26. Four cards to a straight (two high cards)
  27. Unsuited J-Q, J-K, or Q-K
  28. Suited 10-J or 10-Q
  29. Any Jack, Queen, or King
  30. Any three cards to a straight flush
  31. Any four cards to a straight
  32. Discard all

Where to play All Aces Poker online

All Aces online video pokerAll Aces real money video poker is a staple at all leading Microgaming casinos, including a number of RMC’s most trusted online gambling operators. If you’re lucky, you may find a version of All Aces Poker offered by another leading software developer.

Our top-rated casino sites offering video poker games are listed in the table at the top of this page. Each of the sites is above licensed, legal and caters to online casino players with a wide array of secure deposit and withdrawal methods. All offer instant browser play with no downloads required on desktop, laptop and mobile devices, while some also have a free casino software suite available to download for Windows PC. Follow the links above to sign up instantly and claim free in matched deposit bonuses, free bets and many more exclusive casino promotions.

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