New online casinos for Australians

Now that the Internet is the new place to go in order to play casino games for real money, new casinos pop up night and day and then disappear. The older established casinos might have the safer and more sterling reputation, but new online casinos have ways to counteract that.

For those of us in Australia looking for a break from the run of the mill, new online casinos may be exactly the tonic we’re looking for. However, as with everything, there are drawbacks, aspects you lose when you go to brand new casinos. Let’s take a look first at the upsides in finding new online casinos for Australians to play.

New online casinos

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The Pros of Playing at New Online Casinos

Let’s face it. Even with the occasional new pokie or variation on an old casino game, older online casinos can become stale after a while. The darker colour schemes hearken back to a time when online casinos wanted to simulate as much as possible the dark and smoky confines of land based casinos.

Newer casinos offer a new game play experience, and since they aren’t beholden to any particular casino tradition, real or imagined, they can brighten up the colour scheme or introduce new varieties of sounds in their games.

Newer casinos may pop up every day, but with thousands of casinos to choose from, they may have less hope of attracting new players than the old standards do when they have taken years to establish a brand and reputation. However, you can also find many advantages to playing in new online casinos.

Some of the most innovative games and approaches to games come from newer casinos. The older casinos likely approach things in a tried and true, conservative fashion, and any innovation they might offer frequently comes after some other online casino has pioneered a new approach. For example, it took a casino devoted entirely to live video feeds of roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and other games to pave the way, but now, many casinos feature live dealers and croupiers.

If you’re the type of person who likes to be the first to try something, new casinos are a good option. One advantage they have is being more responsive to feedback. Since game innovations often put new online casinos out on a limb, they appreciate the feedback to let them know what is working and what isn’t.

A change of pace is always nice, but the operators of newer online casinos know that is not always sufficient. Since competing with the old school casinos is often an uphill battle, new casinos are more likely to offer ridiculous bonuses and bonus structures that trump what you can find at older and more established casinos.

If you have already exhausted the various bonus systems in older casinos, a new casino offers new kinds of rewards with different methods of acquiring money and credits to make your gambling experience more lucrative.

Another advantage that newer casinos give you is the chance to play new games with new types of software. Somebody at some point had to realize that video technology allowed pokies to be played with multiple types of winning lines. Older casinos may be less inclined to experiment with new approaches to beloved games, or new types of games altogether, but newer online casinos need a pioneering approach in order to break the monopoly on customers that the older casinos work so hard to cultivate.

The Cons of Playing at New Online Casinos

Reasons abound as to why older and established online casinos draw in more customers. They frequently rely on name recognition and reputation. Reputation can go both ways of course, and established casinos by their continued existence imply that any positive reputation is well earned. If it wasn’t, new or old casinos would most likely go the way of the dodo bird.

One drawback of newly established online casinos is that they may have fewer customers. Fewer customers means difficulty in filling a poker table, which can change the strategies one applies towards winning.

Another drawback to playing at newer online casinos is the progressive jackpots. In older casinos, progressive jackpots on pokies and other games have had time to grow and accumulate. Furthermore, many newer casinos don’t have the advantage of being incorporated with other casinos in order to make their progressive jackpots as large as possible.

Of course, the payout percentages on pokies with progressive jackpots for the lesser wins tend to be smaller in order to pay for the jackpot, so if you’re looking to make modest profits, playing pokies with progressive jackpots isn’t always the way to go.

One factor that should not come into play is the trustworthiness of a casino. Whether new or older, online casinos rely on safe and reliable transactions or they soon go out of business. However, in order to be sure, any time you play at a new casino, always double check what jurisdiction they fall under and what bodies regulate and accredit their software.

Going to play at a newer online casino can often mean beginning all over again when it comes to qualifying for VIP perks or loyalty programs that online casinos both old and new tend to offer. Always compare what you can get from your old casino’s loyalty program versus the new kids on the block to make sure you aren’t leaving a good thing for something less.

Finally, another drawback towards playing at newer online casinos is the possibility that their software might be buggy. If you prefer not to be the guinea pig of a newer casino, stick to older, well-established, tried –and-true casinos, such as those in the Fortune Lounge Group. Online casinos such as 7 Sultans, Platinum Play, Vegas Palms, and Royal Vegas have been around for a while and use the most highly reputed software, Microgaming, so you do not have to worry if they are secure and on the level.

If you need to try newer games and approaches to gaming, newer online casinos may be up your alley, but remember to do your research first and gamble responsibly.

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