UK Labour deputy calls for cancellation of online casino licences

UK Labour deputy Tom WatsonTom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, wants to force UK online casinos to reapply for their gaming licences.

The Member for West Bromwich East confirmed on social media that he had written to Jeremy Wright, the nation’s culture secretary, about the issue.

Watson is a vocal critic of the gambling industry who believes an extensive government review is required to raise standards and protect consumers.

“A gambling licence should be a hallmark of credibility and trust,” the letter reads.

“It should not be seen as an opportunity for operators to push the limits of their conditions and responsibilities.

“The regulator cannot be in a position where it is continually playing catch-up to an opaque and agile global industry.

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“We need a structured response to the situation. This will require a total overhaul of our register of current remote sector licenses.

“This review would be an opportunity for existing remote license holders to re-apply for the privilege of operating and marketing in the UK.”

This news comes as the UK Gambling Commission continues to push licensed operators to improve their consumer protection standards.

Only last week, the regulator dished out around 4.5 million in fines to three separate firms over issues with their anti-fraud and player security measures.