Texts from last night while at the casino

Have you ever hit the casino and had one too many, only to wake up the next day with some interesting text messages on your phone? We have found some of the best texts from last night while enjoying a night out at the casino.

1. Part time poker player, part time comedian

Everyone is a comedian these days, but he has a point. Whenever you visit a casino without a dress code, specifically the ones in Vegas you’re bound to see some interesting outfits.

The part time comedian casino player

2. The Whac A Croc slot player

The things you see when you visit a land-based gambling venue, keep your eyes peeled the next time you go.

Whac-a-croc high rollers

3. The jackpot winner

We aren’t sure if he means a progressive jackpot or some other kind of jackpot, but either way she wasn’t having any of it.

Jackpot winners at the casino

4. The 21 dancer

We’re betting he regrets this more than any Tinder messages he sent that night.

The alcoholic at the casino

5. The casino updater

If you are ever on the receiving end of these texts, try and block them. There is nothing worse than someone out having fun at the casino while you’re at home experiencing extreme FOMO (fear of missing out). If you’re the updater, just stop.

The casino updater

6. The casino commitment breaker

Take it from this guy – never make commitments when you’re at the casino. You’re on a high, especially if you’re watching someone on a winning streak and you’re most likely a little intoxicated – though we don’t recommend that either if you plan on playing. Regardless, you will most likely cancel any plans you have made.

The non-committal casino player

7. The confident casino player

If anything, this person should play as much poker as possible. The confidence alone is enough to bluff their way through any hand.

The over-confident high roller

8. The roulette risk taker

Texting your ex is always a risk, and we’d say putting all your money on red has better odds of a good return.

Roulette risk-taker

9. The slot machines mingler

No matter how long ago it was, if you ever make a poor life choice at the casino you will be reminded every time you head there again.

The slots mingler

10. The chip stealer

We doubt you will wake up to this text, because you will be in jail where you are no longer allowed access to your cellphone, something you shouldn’t have been allowed last night.

The Chip Stealer

11. The not-so high roller

You might have blown all your money at the casino, but at least your mum thinks it’s funny.

The not-so-high roller

Have some funny, odd or otherwise entertaining texts from friends or family who hit the slots or tables? Sound off your stories in the comments below.