Felt Gaming casino software

Established in 2013, Felt Gaming has wasted no time making its mark on the iGaming scene with its attractive and diverse suite of online table games. We’ll explain what separates these guys from the crowd and show you where to play the best Felt blackjack, roulette and casino poker games online for real money bets.

United States Best casino sites with Felt Gaming software

Best casino sites with Felt Gaming software

About Felt Gaming software

Most online casino software developers do a mixed trade with a heavy focus on real money slots and progressive jackpot games. That’s where Felt differs from the pack, as its business is focused solely on adapting the world’s most popular table games for online play at licensed and secure virtual casinos.

The company also takes a different approach to the concept of digital casino gaming. Whereas most software brands attempt to mimic the look of a land-based casino table, Felt’s games are designed to maximise performance and online usability on PC, Mac and mobile while remaining engaging, immersive and highly authentic. This creates an original look and feel that is clean and web-friendly, but without sacrificing any of the essential gameplay features that draw people to traditional casino games.

Where to play Felt casino games online

Felt is still a fresh face in the grand scheme of online casino gaming, so its products haven’t yet achieved the global market share of software giants such as Betsoft, Microgaming, or Net Entertainment. A number of forward-thinking internet casino operators are already on the bandwagon, however, including one of our most trusted real money gambling sites:

G’Day Casino – Designed especially for online casino gamblers, G’Day is a leading multi-platform operator that boasts more than 400 real money games from some of the web’s best software providers. It also runs one of the biggest sign-up bonuses in the business – an unlimited 100 per cent match on your first deposit.

Felt blackjack games

Felt Gaming is a young company, but it has already gathered many influential admirers within the iGaming industry. Much of that growing reputation is owed to a superb collection of online blackjack games which offer a level of quality, variety and value that few gambling software suppliers can match.

Each of Felt’s online 21 games is built on the same foundations: a secure and certified random number generator (RNG); an attractive and easy-to-use visual layout; and a standard blackjack base game with conventional rules and a house edge of only 0.38 per cent. Each variant has a $500 bet limit and comes with the option to play as many as three hands at a time.

These are the complete rules for the base game:

  • Six decks
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Double down after splitting allowed
  • Can double down only on nine, 10, or 11
  • No resplits
  • Can draw to split Aces
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack

There are six variants of Felt Gaming 21, each of which is defined by the different blackjack side bets in play. These optional wagers come with more risk than a standard blackjack bet, but they also promise far greater rewards.

21+3 Blackjack
If your first two cards and the dealer’s up card form one of the hands that makes up the Trips bet in three card poker, the 21+3 wager pays according the odds listed:

  • Suited trips (e.g. all three cards are Seven of Clubs) = 100 to 1
  • Straight flush (e.g. Six, Seven and Eight of Hearts) = 40 to 1
  • Three of a kind (e.g. three Sevens in mixed suits) = 25 to 1
  • Straight (e.g. Six, Seven and Eight in mixed suits) = 10 to 1
  • Flush (e.g. all Hearts, regardless of rank) = 5 to 1

Buster Blackjack
If the dealer busts out, the Buster Blackjack side bet wins. The more cards the house has when it breaks 21, the higher the payout. There are also bonus wins when the dealer busts while the player holds blackjack.

  • Eight or more cards with player blackjack = 1000 to 1
  • Seven cards with player blackjack = 800 to 1
  • Eight or more cards = 250 to 1
  • Seven cards = 50 to 1
  • Six cards = 18 to 1
  • Five cards = 4 to 1
  • Three or four cards = 2 to 1

Blackjack Lucky Lucky by Felt GamingLucky Ladies Blackjack

The Lucky Ladies bet wins whenever your first two cards total 20 points or feature two Queens. The standard pay table reads like so:

  • Queens of Hearts = 100 to 1
  • Matched 20 (e.g. King and 10, both in Spades) = 30 to 1
  • Suited 20 (e.g. King of Clubs and 10 of Spades) = 10 to 1
  • Any 20 = 3 to 1

Lucky Lucky Blackjack
The Lucky Lucky side bet pays when your first two cards and the dealer’s door card add up to a total of 19, 20, or 21 points. There are eight ways to win:

  • Suited Sevens = 200 to 1
  • Suited Six-Seven-Eight = 100 to 1
  • Triple Sevens = 50 to 1
  • Six-Seven-Eight = 25 to 1
  • Suited 21 = 15 to 1
  • Any 21 = 3 to 1
  • Any 19 or 20 = 2 to 1

Perfect Pairs Blackjack
The Perfect Pairs side bet wins when your first two cards are of the exact same rank (e.g. both Sevens). Pairs of matching suits and colours pay extra, as per the pay table:

  • Perfect pair (e.g. two Aces, both Spades) = 25 to 1
  • Coloured pair (e.g. Ace of Clubs and Ace of Spades) = 12 to 1
  • Mixed pair (e.g. two Aces, different colours) = 6 to 1

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack
The Suit ‘Em Up side bet wins whenever the first two cards dealt to your hand are of the same poker suit (e.g. both Diamonds). There are five types of paying hands:

  • Suited Aces = 50 to 1
  • Suited blackjack = 10 to 1
  • Suited pair = 5 to 1
  • Suited 11 = 3 to 1
  • Any suited hand = 2 to 1

6 in 1 Blackjack
If you love taking on the extra risk and reward of side bets in real money 21, Felt 6 in 1 Blackjack combines all six of the games above into a single virtual table. You can play up to six side bets at a time, each at a $250 bet limit, for a true high stakes blackjack game where you can wager up to $2000 per hand in total.

More online casino games by Felt

Real money blackjack makes up the bulk of the current Felt Gaming catalogue, which is sure to expand and diversify over the coming months and years. Three are, however, a few more entertaining Felt table games available right now for real cash play on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Felt Double Ball RouletteDouble Ball Roulette

This innovative online roulette game promises double the fun with not one, but two balls in play on every spin. This creates a host of unique real money roulette betting options, including a 1200 to 1 jackpot bonus when both balls land on your chosen straight-up number.

Three Card Hold’Em
With three cards of the board instead of the usual five, Felt Three Card Hold’em is a stripped-back version Texas hold’em poker that offers big rewards for simple hands. It also features two optional bonus bets: Pair or Suited, which pays up to 100 to 1; and Straights or Better, which pays up to 50 to 1.

Caribbean Stud Poker
Felt Caribbean Stud Poker offers a classical interpretation of the game in an intuitive, eye-pleasing package that leaves most of the competition for dead. This version also comes with the progressive jackpot side bet that pays 100 per cent for a royal flush and 10 per cent for a straight flush.

Play the entire range of Felt roulette, blackjack and poker games at G’Day Casino, where new players can score unlimited bonus cash just for signing up and making a real money deposit.