Rolling Hills resort to install Cashless Casino system this year

Rolling Hills Casino news

Casino technology firm Acres Manufacturing Company has announced it will be implementing its Cashless Casino system at Rolling Hills Casino and Resort in Corning, California, later this year.

Cashless Casino is part of Acres’ Foundation casino management platform, which is installed in slot machines to give the operator real-time data in order to analyze and, in turn, ramp up player engagement, cost savings and other casino management issues.

The app also contains a feature that allows players begin a rated play session which lets them gain points as they progress in the game. The Cashless Casino feature on the app lets players have quick access to funds as they play through the integrated payment processor. 

Rolling Hills’ General Manager, Steve Neely, commented: “Cashless Casino will help us increase our engagement with players while also providing us with operating efficiencies.

“The easy and quick implementation timing for Cashless Casino was a key factor in our selection of this technology for our cashless gaming functionality, and we look forward to working with the Acres team to bring this new feature to our players in early 2023.” 

Noah Acres, CEO of Acres Manufacturing, said about the upcoming Rolling Hills launch: “We are excited that Rolling Hills Casino has selected Acres’ Cashless Casino application to deliver cashless gaming’s many benefits to their customers.

“Cashless Casino incorporates innovative player loyalty features which offer a key differentiator in the player experience, enabling casino operators to significantly improve their connection and engagement with their players.

“We are confident that Cashless Casino will provide similar benefits to Rolling Hills Casino and their valued customers.”