MGA urges unlicensed gaming operators to self-report by April 14

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The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has directed all unlicensed operators offering online casino games from the region without due permission to come forward in an act of self-disclosure.

The iGaming regulator has given April 14, 2023, as the deadline for self-reporting before administrative action is taken on the unlicensed operators. 

In an official release, the MGA asked operators who are not licensed in Malta but have a valid iGaming permit from a member state of the EU, EEA or a state with similar laws to come forward.

The body added that continuing to operate from the country without being recognized will be tantamount to a direct contravention of its rules. 

The MGA said it will “view self-reporting in this fashion as an act of disclosure and will be taken into account when the MGA makes any administrative decision regarding non-compliance”.