Indiana to introduce online casinos by 2023

Indiana gambling news

Indiana is on the brink of legalizing online casino betting as lawmakers in the state are gearing up to introduce the bill to the legislative house.

There is already an early draft of the bill to show Hoosiers what that would entail. There is every possibility the bill will become law sometime next year.

At the forefront of the legalisation campaign are Sen. Jon Ford and Rep. Ethan Manning. Their efforts have been fruitless for all of 2022, but there is hope things will pick up early next year.

If all goes as expected, Indiana’s casinos and racinos will be able to offer online casino games, online poker games and internet versions of the games of the Hoosier Lottery. The bill provides for only three licenses in the state.

In addition, as a means of generating income for the state’s coffers, all participating casinos will pay a license fee of $500,000 and a yearly renewal fee of $50,000. Revenue from the online casinos will also be taxed at 18%, while 3.3% of the tax will go towards funding addiction services.

Experts project that, once legalized, online casino gambling will bring $993 million in revenue to the state. As it stands, operators like DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars and BetMGM that operate sportsbooks in the state will jump at the chance to host an online casino in Indiana.