Guess when the Mega Fortune jackpot will go off to win free spins

Mega Fortune progressive jackpot pokiesThe team at Guts online casino are awarding up to 50 free spins to players who can guess when the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot will go off.

For many of us winning progressives isn’t as easy as it seems. Guts Casino has therefore made it possible for us all to be winners, even if we don’t win a seven figure jackpot from the Mega Fortune progressive.

The competition kicked off just a few days ago and is ongoing until the jackpot has been won.

Guess when the Mega Fortune jackpot will go off to win free spins

There are three questions to fill out with the number of correct answers corresponding with the number of free spins awarded.

1. Which month will the Mega Fortune Jackpot be won?

Players can either choose to pick any month from July to December, or they can pick ‘sometime in 2016’. The latter gives you more chances to win on this question, but it’s more likely it will go off before then, going off the information we detail below.

2. Which day of the week will the Mega Fortune Jackpot be won?

Players can pick any day of the week from Monday right up to Sunday. Each day has the same odds that it will be won on that day.

3. How big will the Mega Fortune Jackpot be when it’s won?

Guts Casino online progressive jackpot promotionsPlayers can pick from six specific options, and a seventh broader option. The six options includes ‘£2 to £2.5 million’, ‘£2.5 to £3 million’, ‘£3 to £3.5 million’, ‘£3.5 to £4 million’, ‘£4 to £4.5 million’, and ‘£4.5 to £5 million’, while the seventh option is that it will be ‘over £5 million’.

Players provide one answer for each question and then enter their username for their Guts account and then press ‘submit’. There is no need to make a deposit or play a slot a certain amount of times to win, rather you get to play in this promotion for free.

The prizes for these answers includes:

  1. One correct answer awards players 10 free spins
  2. Two right answers awards players 20 free spins
  3. Three correct answers awards players 50 free spins

The free spins are for NetEnt’s popular slot Jack and the Beanstalk, and all winnings are wager free.

Mega Fortune Jackpot history

We have put together some information regarding Mega Fortune and its jackpot history so you can make some calculated guesses for the above promotion. We detail our information in pounds as that’s what the answers are in for the Guts promotion.

  • At the time of writing the Mega Fortune jackpot is at £1,795,704.77
  • It has been almost eight weeks since someone won the jackpot on Mega Fortune
  • It was five weeks between the aforementioned win and the jackpot win before that
  • The average win on Mega Fortune jackpot is £2,979,706.34
  • The smallest win was £459,670.90
  • The biggest win was £12,495,428.47 in 2013
  • The second biggest win was £8,210,095.17 in 2011
  • The average time between wins is 12 weeks and one day
  • The last five jackpots have been won on Friday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, respectively

With this information, we are guessing that it will go off this month or early next month, at around £2 to £2.5 million or £2.5 to £3 million. Based on the past five jackpots being won a weekday we are guessing it could be anywhere from Tuesday to Friday, but the chances are equal so we aren’t making a confident guess.

What we can advise confidently is if you opt for the ‘sometime in 2016’ option, you should opt for the ‘over £5 million’ option as it will be well over that amount by then at the rate it increases.

While this information may be somewhat helpful, the jackpot going off will be at random at it could be any amount, any month, and any day, so try your best guess and you could be winning wager free spins at