Greatest songs about gambling

One of the most overlooked advantages of playing casino games online is you can gamble to your own custom-made soundtrack. Music means different things to different people, but it’s safe to say a vast majority of punters don’t mind a good tune or two when winning at the tables, so the same preference applies when you’re playing for real money on your computer or mobile device.

Land-based venues often have a band of some sort and while you can request a song, but they generally play five awful ones before it. Betting at online casinos, you can mute the backing sounds software providers have added and put on your favourite track in the background instead.

Here’s our list to the greatest gambling-related tracks if you’re looking for the most authentic ways to get into the high roller mindset.

‘The Gambler’ – Kenny Rogers

We have kicked things off with the most obvious song, ‘The Gambler’. While this song is quite old, it is still a classic and has quite a few lessons for even the most seasoned gambler.

Rogers sings “you got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em”, which is possibly the best poker advice on offer. He also details we need to know ‘when to walk away’, ‘when to run’ and to ‘never count your money’, which should be applied to all casino games we play on the web.

Our favourite game to play while listening to this track is Blackjack – specifically NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack title.

‘Roll of the Dice’ – Bruce Springsteen

While this song is about how love can be a gamble, there are some serious one liners in this bad boy that we wish we could say, including ‘high-rollers lay down your bets and I’ll raise ‘em.’

We don’t know about you, but if a high roller placed a bet, we’d fold instantly.

If you think you can take ‘em, head to 888 Poker every fourth Sunday to play in their special Whale Tournament with $200,000 available to win.

‘Poker Face’ – Lady Gaga

The best part about playing poker online is that there is no need for a poker face, and to celebrate, we like to sing ‘Poker Face’ at the top of our lungs. The song has nothing to do with gambling really, but we like to pretend it does.

Play No Limit Hold’em at Full Tilt and practice either your poker face or getting the lyrics right to Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’.

‘Tumbling Dice’ – Rolling Stones

Craps players are the luckiest on this list with The Rolling Stones song ‘Tumbling Dice’ the perfect track to roll the dice to. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, we are treated to a craps night with the band, where they’re ‘all sixes and sevens and nines.’ And we have to say any of band members could be the ‘lone crap shooter’ at our tables any night.

Head to one of our favourite Microgaming-only Internet casinos Royal Vegas and try the title Craps here, with Tumbling Dice on repeat in the background.

‘The Winner Takes It All’ – ABBA

We don’t even care whether this song is about gambling or not; all we can imagine is winning a huge amount, such as the millions on NetEnt’s progressive Hall of Gods and playing the track as our bank account piles up.

There are countless references to casino games though, which makes this song that much better including ‘I’ve played all my cards’, and ‘no more ace to play’, but we have to say the chorus is ideal to play on a win.

Head to Slots Million Casino, our favourite slots-specific online casino for Hall of Gods and an array of other progressives for you to play while blasting this song out, hopefully creating good karma.

‘Ace of Spades’ – Motorhead

If you need to create a pumped up atmosphere then put on Ace of Spades by Motorhead and you’ll be charging around the house. This is perfect for live dealer titles where you have to wait for players to place their bets and for the human dealer, who is streamed directly to your screen, to call no more bets.

Play the array of live dealer titles, provided by Evolution Gaming, at Guts Casino and blast Ace of Spades – just don’t miss placing a bet because you’re playing air guitar.

‘Blackjack’ – Ray Charles

Our last song on the list has probably the best lesson out of them all, as this song is the best to listen to when you are losing and need to step away from the tables, slots or other real money casino game.

The classic song details how Charles lost all his money to blackjack, specifically ‘the dealer hit sixteen with a five, just enough to make twenty one’, and we think while this isn’t the situation all the time, it’s a potential scenario, so avoid it by putting this track on and taking a break from the online casino when you start on a losing streak.

Got any gambling song favourites you’d love to see on our list? Leave your suggestions in the comments.