Crack open the Thrills Casino easter egg for massive cash prizes

With just a few more days until the Easter long weekend, Thrills are giving their players the chance to crack open a prize with their Easter Calendar.

Every day, up until March 27, players can log into their account and click the egg to crack open a prize featuring free spins, cash, matched deposits, and more.

The prizes depend on how far along the Bonus-O-Metre you are, but if you are a new player (click our links to sign up now) you can still earn incredible prizes.

However, if you do want to earn better prizes, get playing the game of the week displayed in the lobby and climb your way up the Bonus-O-Metre. Then make your way back to the Easter Calendar and crack your egg to reveal your reward.

Bonus-O-Metre at Thrills

If you don’t understand what the Bonus-O-Metre is, keep reading, otherwise click our links to and get cracking those eggs for your daily prize.

The Bonus-O-Metre is a loyalty system where players are required to play the game of the week, as selected by the Thrills’ team. You need to unlock the bonus rounds of the game in order to move up the metre and in turn earn rewards, such as a plethora of free spins.

The game is displayed in the lobby, as is the metre which shows your progress as you unlock the bonus features.

This week’s game is the brand new pokie, Cloud Quest, released by Play’n Go. Instead of reels, the title features a 5×5 grid and when you do unlock the Bonus feature, which is up to 20 free spins, the grid transforms into a 3 reel and one payline pokie. You can trigger three additional spins per monster you defeat.

You are required to bet a minimum of $0.40 per spin in order to qualify for the Bonus-O-Metre, so be sure to do this before you unlock the Bonus round. However, once you start unlocking the Bonus rounds you will progress along the metre and unlock treasure chests filled to the brim with special rewards, making it worth your wagers.

The higher you are along the metre when you do open your daily prize, the better it will so be sure to get spinning at before the Easter Calendar promotion is over.