Ukash was bought out by the Skrill Group, which also controls PaySafeCard, in 2014 but continued to operated under this brand for longer. Now Ukash users are directed to use PaySafeCard which acts in much the same way as Ukash used to. You can read more about how to deposit with Paysafecard here, but the following information is interchangeable between the two brands – Ukash and Paysafecard.

United States Best UKash casino sites

Best UKash casino sites

The payment system allows customers to exchange cash for vouchers which can then be used to spend online without having to submit any personal financial details, enabling anyone to gamble online for real money regardless of whether they own a credit card or even a bank account.

If you’ve ever purchased a gift certificate, eVouchers like PaySafeCard work in a similar fashion, but the difference is you’re not limited to spending the prepaid voucher at one store. The vouchers can be redeemed at any of the thousands of websites and casinos where Ukash payments are accepted. Ukash is up there with the best and safest options for players who don’t have or don’t want to use their personal banking details to bet online.

Real money casinos accepting Ukash

Players can legally deposit at online casinos with Ukash. We believe the below online casinos are the best for real money players depositing cash. The casinos we endorse are 100% licensed and use the latest technology when it comes to dealing with your personal details and banking information.

How does Ukash work?

Ukash vouchers (now known as Paysafecard’s) are purchased offline at a range of retail outlets, ATMs, petrol stations and designated cash points, but can also be purchased online (in which case personal banking details will be required).

New Ukash purchase locations are appearing worldwide at a rapid pace as this prepaid service expands in popularity. The Ukash process is incredibly simple:

  1. Use the website to locate your nearest Ukash purchase point, or make the purchase online if a physical cash point isn’t available in your area.
  2. Exchange your desired amount of money for a unique Ukash 19 digit code.
  3. Enter your Ukash code to transfer money online instantly anywhere that Ukash is accepted, including at our favourite leading online casinos.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Ukash for casino deposits

There are many reasons why Ukash is a fantastic choice for funding online casino accounts, but with the good there always comes a few drawbacks. Some of the advantages of using Ukash for online betting include:

  • Extra layer of security – given that absolutely no personal details are required to be sent online (provided you are located near a Ukash outlet) Ukash provides even tighter player protection than some of the world’s most trusted payment methods like Visa and MasterCard, providing complete online anonymity.
  • Widely accepted – the best casinos on the Internet happily accept Ukash as a payment method so you’ll never have a problem using this prepaid voucher to fund your account. Some venues even extend additional bonuses to players paying by Ukash.
  • Greater control of expenditure – as the closest payment method you’ll find to physically handing over cold hard cash, Ukash provides a great way to control how much you’re spending and ensure you don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. It’s a fantastic way to support responsible gambling practices.
  • Funds available – Ukash supports a range of currency options.

Some of the drawbacks of using Ukash are:

  • Risk of losing your voucher – as Ukash works just like real cash, if you happen to lose or misplace your voucher or unique code, it’s the same as losing cash out of your pocket. Unlike losing a debit or credit card where you still have access to the funds, if you lose your Ukash voucher or someone steals it you can kiss that cash goodbye.
  • Inconvenience – although not a major downside, the fact that offline Ukash purchases require a physical visit to a retail outlet or ATM adds just a little bit of required effort. This isn’t a major hindrance, especially for the extra level of security Ukash provides, but it’s still more time consuming than simply entering your credit card or bank account details into a casino cashier for instant access to funds.
  • Withdrawal restrictions – when withdrawing winnings from an online casino, the venue typically pays out to the same account that the funds were deposited from (eg. if you made a deposit to your casino account using a MasterCard, the casino will pay your winnings back to that same MasterCard account). However, as Ukash is only a prepaid voucher, withdrawals can’t be made back to it, so users need to either register for an additional product like the Ukash Gift Card or Ukash MasterCard to receive winnings.
  • Deposit restrictions – there are limits to how much money can be deposited to a Ukash prepaid voucher. However, while these restrictions may be lower than some other deposit methods, this generally won’t affect most recreational gamblers and may only hinder high rollers.

Ukash (now Paysafecard) provides a great, secure alternative to other popular online payment methods, but whether it is right for you depends on your own personal preferences. If you want to know more about the other deposit options available to online punters, check out our payment information pages.